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Let's Talk Custom - Taking Fabrics to The Next Level!

This month we are so excited to introduce a new custom fabric to our store, that not only looks beautiful but it will keep your furniture pieces looking brand new. For years we’ve been regarded as the go-to custom furniture spot in South Georgian Bay, specializing in custom sofa styles, configurations and fabrics of all kinds. We have yet to introduce a stain and spill repellent fabric to our storefront…. until now!

Master Fabrics Alta Spill & Stain Repellent allows liquids to bead on the fabric’s surface, leaving you time to blot the spill. With a beautiful selection of 38 weaves to choose from, you can personalize your furniture and enjoy the action of a busy lifestyle! Kids, dogs and delicious meals are all things we should enjoy to the fullest in our living spaces… 

You’re probably wondering - how does this work? 

Alta Spill & Stain Repellent provides a permanent repellency to both oil and water-based stains caused by anything from coffee, sodas, alcohol and salad dressings. It works its magic through a result of molecular bond to fibres. It truly is incredible to see! 

Our Custom Sofas & Chairs Available in Alta Fabric (please note there are more options available for custom order):

The Joseph Sofa 

The Emery Sectional

(with a queen pull-out bed!)

With a fabric in this gorgeous colour, the Alta Spill and Stain Repellent is a must. Our Quinn Swivel is our best selling chair in the store, and you can see why!

Check out our Instagram page to see videos of this speciality fabric working its stain repellent magic! 

Interested in creating a custom piece for your home this season? Please get in touch with us directly: 

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