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Spring Is In The Air!

As the seasons change, so do our products in store! Spring is one of our favourite seasons at AHI because it’s all about new beginnings and refreshing our spaces for the warmer and sunnier days on the horizon. This season we’ve brought in a new home decor, greenery and textiles collection to help our customers do just that. We’re so excited to share the content from our Spring 2022 shoot from a home we styled a few weeks back.

Read on for 3 simple ways to bring new energy to your home this Spring...


When it comes to spring, we like to think of light, natural and airy tones, and we carry this through to our throw pillows used in our living spaces. Throw pillows are a fun and easy way to transform the coziest parts of your home. 

This spring we are loving mix matching different lighter tones and patterns: 

SHOP The Enya Pillow & The Nancy Pillow

For added texture and warmth, incorporate pillows with tassels or woven materials. Two of our favourites in store are: 

The Linda Pillow

 The Thais Lumbar Pillow


The warmer months are all about bringing the outdoors in, while incorporating natural textures and life to otherwise cold spaces. We’re adding more and more natural textures to our decor line, as seen in our vases and pots below.

Keep reading to see how we’re styling these new pieces with our seasonal greenery and floral! *Click photos to SHOP*


An essential to elevating your home for spring always comes down to greenery and florals. Our line of ever-lasting, faux greenery and floral will add the natural elements you’re after, without the high-maintenance tending to! And, the best part is - you get to use them for years to come!

Enjoy a sneak peek of our best selling permanent botanicals this season...

 First and foremost, our infamous Tulips and Hydrangeas! These have been a customer favourite for years. We often get asked if they are real in store - need we say more?! 

Greenery in every shape, size and style! From succulents, to branches, to bushes - we have everything you can imagine to fill your pots and vases throughout your home. Find these in the back of our store in our market...

We’re looking forward to sharing more of our design inspiration as the seasons change and more products arrive! Until then, we hope we sparked some interest to elevate your homes this season. Our team would love to help you bring your design dreams to life! 

See you in the store soon! 

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Photography by the wonderful and talented Jess Crandlemire: @lightandshadowphoto