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Spring is in Full Bloom in the AHI Market!

As the temperatures rise, and the days become longer, we’re starting to feel that spring really is in the air. There’s something about spring that gives us a fresh start, not only in our storefront but in our homes. We’re all spending more time at home than usual these days, so why not freshen things up? Read on for our spring decorating tips! We hope this will inspire you to introduce lighter, brighter and welcoming decor to your space this season with the help of our At Home market.

  1. Vases & Pots 

Home accents such as vases & pots are a decor staple all year long, but with spring comes the introduction of lighter and more organic tones in our market to help liven up your darker corners. Switching out your decor is one of the simplest ways to freshen up your space, and it’s amazing how just a few new items can make all the difference! 

Light tones = instant fresh look! When it comes to vases & pots this time of year, we usually opt for neutral tones to fit more naturally into the rest of the space. A clear, white or cream vase with a touch of greenery goes a very long way. 

Design tip: styling vases in groups of twos or threes will give a layered look and extra interest. When going for this look, we recommend you choose two (or three) vases at different heights to get the look! 

  1. Trending: Terrazzo 

Lately there has been a lot of talk about terrazzo in the design world! We are loving this trend, and have added a few new pieces into our market. Terrazzo gives off a distinctive yet tasteful look for spring. Have a look at our new terrazzo pots and planters: 

Terrazzo is a timeless, versatile design dating back to 15th century Italy. 

  1. Floral and Greenery

Our shop has become a go-to spot for South Georgian Bay locals to stock up on their permanent botanical flowers and greenery. As much as we love fresh bouquets, we are also big believers that quality made, permanent botanicals go a much longer way, especially if they do look real! Pops of greenery in vases or pots throughout your home gives off a new energy that we look for especially this time of year. 

Our best sellers: permanent tulips! That feeling when your tulips finally bloom - how about achieving that look every day? Our tulips are loved by our customers, and we often get told that people thought they are real. These bouquets will quickly become a staple in your home this spring.

  1. Baskets & Wall Decor 

Throughout our store you will find all different sizes and styles of baskets. Who doesn’t love a beautiful basket to throw pillows, or blankets in? They are versatile and can go anywhere in your home adding interest to those empty corners, while keeping your space tidy. Talk about stylish organization. 

This spring we are loving these wall shelves, especially the ones that double as mirrors because they subtly make your space feel more open. Complete the look with a vase and some greenery! 

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